Red Star Medical is proud of the high quality First Aid kits that we supply to all our clients in the Western Cape. We offer a free First Aid service check whereby we check that you first Aid kit is stocked according to the correct standards. Should

The aim of our First Aid training at Red Star Medical is to equip delegates with both confidence and the required skills and knowledge to react and attend to any emergency. We at Red Star Medical have designed our First Aid training course to be e

In Cape Town billions of Rands are lost due to Fires. The Western Cape Fire and Rescue services respond to many fires that could have been prevented with having the correct training and equipment in the home and the work place. This is why it is a re

Red Star Medical is a specialised medical service situated in Cape Town dedicated to providing medical personal at all types of events and functions ranging from film shoots to sporting events, banquets and dinners expos to brand launches. We at R
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