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Why is First Aid training so important?

First Aid training is the very basic skill and knowledge that allows you to treat the sick and injured victim in the home or work place.

Providing First Aid treatment can save a life, as it is the very first steps in any treatment to keeping a person alive until the ambulance can arrive.


You may be aware that the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993) requires all companies to have staff fully trained in First Aid, Basic Firefighting.

The Red Star Medical family understands that budget and time constraints may put these kinds of priorities on the back burner, but it is of imperative importance that there is an informed and skilled person on hand to assist if the need occurs in your professional environment.

We pride ourselves on offering extensive and affordable First Aid, Basic Firefighting training in the comfort of your own premises.

Our training programme suits all levels of employees while the material provided is user-friendly and comprehensive. Our courses will ensure that upon completion, any emergency situation can be handled with the utmost care and expertise.

Training workshops are available Monday to Saturday (Public Holidays included) and as we train on your premises for your convenience we do not charge any fees for travelling expenses.

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