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Why is First Aid training so important? - 2017-02-07

First Aid training is the very basic skill and knowledge that allows you to treat the sick and injured victim in the home or work place. Providing First Aid treatment can save a life, as it is the very first steps in any treatment to keeping a person alive until the ambulance can arrive.   You may be aware that the Occupational Heal... more

under 18s Rave party - 2016-06-25

On the 24th of June 2016 Red Star Medical provided a paramedic to a under 18s rave party in Cape CBD.    The event was in add of all student finishing the term and exams. I must say well done to the event organisers you provided a real fun and safe party for the young ladies and gents  you thought of every thing. Red Star Med... more

OHSA requirements : First Aid Kits in workplace - 2016-04-29

The OHSA (Occupational Health Safety Act) of South Africa requires companies with more than 5 employees to have a First Aid Kit on the premises. These First Aid Kits need to comply with the minimum standards as prescribed by the act. With having five or less employees you may have a standard shop and office First Aid kit. When a company has f... more

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