Red Star Medical is proud of the high quality First Aid kits that we supply to all our clients in the Western Cape. We offer a free First Aid service check whereby we check that you first Aid kit is stocked according to the correct standards. Should any refills be needed we are able to ensure that your kit is back to its regulations within 24 hours. Our Government Regulation 3 kit is fully packed with everything a workplace needs to help up to 15 people. These boxes can be ordered in red, black or green. Our Government Regulation 7 kit is a comprehensive kit able to service an office of up to 25 people. These can be ordered in a plastic or metal box. Factory and construction kits are also available to be purchased from us. We supply small and compact home First Aid kits that are fully packed with all the relative items you need for small emergencies that might happen at home or while traveling.

We provide body fluid spill kits, eye wash bottles and we are able to supply and fit all emergency signage to comply with regulations. Should there be any medical equipment that you require, we are happy to source it for you.


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