Red Star Medical is a specialised medical service situated in Cape Town dedicated to providing medical personal at all types of events and functions ranging from film shoots to sporting events, banquets and dinners expos to brand launches.

We at Red Star Medical pride ourselves in the dedicated service we provide to so many of our clients in the Western Cape. Our team is run by a very experienced paramedic with many years’ experience not just in the emergency industry but the medical events industry too.


We are proud of the events and projects we have worked on. We have covered some of the most high profile events and some of the largest events that have taken place in the Western Cape. All our clients are treated as individuals. All events and projects are set up to each and every client’s needs, wants and special requests. All our clients have and will be given special attention to make sure the events and functions go off smoothly giving you and your guest full peace of mind for the full duration of the project.


We are proud of the high level of satisfaction and professionalism we as a team have provided and of what we can offer you.

We offer all our clients the following:

One-on-one events planning

Dedicated paramedic or team of paramedics if needed

Medical contingency plan

Medical tent or clinic on site

Full report back after the event

Professional service

All medical equipment on site

“under cover” paramedic for high profile clients

We offer all our clients a less than competitive rate. Our rates might be low but our standards and service is extremely high.

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