In Cape Town billions of Rands are lost due to Fires. The Western Cape Fire and Rescue services respond to many fires that could have been prevented with having the correct training and equipment in the home and the work place. This is why it is a requirement that all companies have trained staff in Fire Safety, so that we can prevent the loss of life and injury to our fellow employees.

At Red Star Medical our Fire training is conducted by an experienced professional Fire Fighter with many years’ experience. This way you will be receiving the very best knowledge and skills when attending our Fire Fighting,

Firefighting and Evacuation

What we will cover during training:

Fire Fighting  


Fire extinguishing

Portable extinguishers

Operating a fire extinguisher


Fire prevention

Evacuation plans and procedures

Fire-fighting options

Occupational fire brigades

Safety team within the organisation

Health and safety manger’s roles and responsibilities

Liaison with emergency services

Evacuation procedures

Emergency procedures

Fire emergencies

Armed robbery

Bomb scares


Power failures

Emergency numbers

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